How I Built My Lower Base Cabinets And Drawers In The Pantry - Addicted 2 Decorating®


Well, I finally took a day off yesterday. After posting my final One Room Challenge update last Thursday, I wanted to continue working for a couple of days and see just how far I could get before the official end of the challenge. I ended up getting all of my open shelves built, wood filled, sanded, and primed. I still need to do the second sanding, caulk, and then paint, but even with just the primer, I think they’re looking so good! Once the shelves and walls are done, and the ceiling touchups are done, I’ll come back and do the final coat on the cabinets. Once that’s dry, I’ll finally be able to install my drawers and doors. So I’m definitely nearing the finish line! But today, I wanted to back up a bit and show y’all how I built the lower base cabinets for the pantry. So let’s jump right in. For the main cabinet boxes, I used 3/4-inch sanded plywood. I determined the sizes of cabinets I would need based on the space available in my pantry and the layout I wanted, and with those cabinet widths in hand, I was ready to get started. I started […]